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Now that I’ve been home for a full day, hugged and kissed my wife and kids, I want to spend a few minutes going over my trip to New York, where I attended Affiliate Summit East (Twitter #ase11) and LeadsCon (Twitter #leadscon).

For both the networking and breakouts, this was a terrific trip. Internet marketing, according to one speaker, “is still in the bottom of the first inning” … but the game is being played and I’m glad I’m on the field.

The moods between Affiliate Summit and LeadsCon were night and day. ASE drew a wider variety of marketers, ranging from suit-and-tie merchants and advertisers, to flip-flop-and-tank-top types who publish and drive traffic. It was a great atmosphere where tons of relationships were made at all hours of the day. Some of the best conversations I had were across a breakfast table or in line to get into an event or breakout.

The breakouts were great. On two days, early morning whiteboarding sessions with Eric Nagel gave people the opportunity to share their site with attendees for critique and feedback. Many of the people in these sessions were top pubs who really knew their stuff, and gave great constructive criticism. Anyone going to future events, I highly recommend this to see case studies of what experienced web marketers have to say about your site. And even if you don’t share your own, to see the discussions and glean tips based on reviews of other sites, it’s a great chance to learn.

With so many different possibilities and companies needing web traffic, it’s now time for me to reconnect with some of the people I met while at these events, and continue to build and grow on the relationships.

Also, if you’re not already, please follow me on Twitter @ECSouza … I’ve been really getting into this, and enjoying many of the threads and discussions on there.

More later!


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