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By William Souza-Ponce, as told to his adoring father.

“Exactly,” says William.

 The mutants and the city of Abalar’s soldiers are in war, while the Jedi council doesn’t know anything about it.

The soldiers contact them and ask for help.

The Jedi council sends a bunch of ships, one boat, and a Jedi master. But what they do not realize is that they will not make it.

While the soldiers are fighting, the mutants attack them from above. Luckily, the soldiers have planes and helicopters. No spaceships. But planes and helicopters. While one of the mutants tries to take out a bazooka guy, one of the reinforcements shoots that guy down.

“Finally!” Says the bazooka guy.

Then a helicopter realizes that they already have a helicopter. So he’s like, “They already have a helicopter? Then why did they call for me?” So he didn’t attack – he was just thinking of why they called him, as one of the mutants took him out.

Then he realizes, right as he gets wiped out, that the others didn’t make it. The Jedi made it, but none of the others did.

After the mutants take out most of the army, the Jedi quickly pulls out its light saber. “Wait, this is a dark saber?” asks the Jedi, realizing that her light saber was a dark saber instead of a light saber.

Suddenly, one of the mutants shoots laser beams at the Jedi. The Jedi realizes with the Force that she has to retreat. Then suddenly the laser beam went through the dark saber. That’s when the Jedi didn’t make it.

Later, without realizing it, all of the mutants wiped out themselves by blowing up the whole entire city of Abalar. But not the whole planet, luckily.



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