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When GreenPoint Mortgage closed, I wasn’t sure which direction to turn. I had worked for the company for a long time, and had worked from a home office for 7 years. Emi was completing her intern year of  her pediatric residency and was pregnant with William.  Eric Anthony was four and Anya wasn’t quite yet two.

We had become used to the rhythms of my having the relatively flexible schedule that working from home allowed. It became clear fairly quickly that I was going to need to start freelancing … and so EC Creative Solutions was born.

It was a big help that I had numerous contacts from GreenPoint, and all of them (well, many of them) had moved on to other opportunities. 2008 was a pretty terrible year for the economy, and I was pretty worried.

However, jobs led to other jobs, and I hooked up with the Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter (yeah, it was booming for them!) and they funneled a lot of work my way, introducing me to a whole new client base.

Over the past three years, I’ve continued to try expanding … I joined up with some different guys who were trying to build their businesses and accepted equity shares for my work … some of them paid off, and some of them still might. Others fizzled. But all throughout, I have been making my own decisions and having a lot of fun picking my projects and trying new things.

The most interesting thing I have been doing is definitely lead generation and learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. I opened Delta Leads with a couple of partners and have been getting internet leads for different “verticals” and selling them to companies in need of clients. Also, I’ve been developing web sites to promote products as an affiliate marketer. This has been a huge educational experience for me. I’ve been to a couple Affiliate Summits and have been awed by the potential earnings from this industry.

So … who knows where this will all lead, but I do know that I am really enjoying the ride. I’ve been lucky enough to make some good friends who I work well with, and we’re really making some headway to achieving our goals.

And all throughout, I get to work from home, and have a flexible enough schedule to be able to be the dad I want to be. It really makes it more like a fun challenge than a job.

OK, that’s it for tonight … just hadn’t written for a little while, so here we go.

Okay … while it’s still not completely finished, the new site for Delta Leads is live!

This is of course a work in progress, but we wanted to get something posted before I go to LeadsCon in Las Vegas next week.

I haven’t really talked about Delta Leads yet … we generate internet leads for a variety of financial “verticals”, including mortgage, debt settlement, home security, auto warranty and others. We then provide those leads to lead buyers. Basically, we’re like a smaller Lending Tree. When companies compete, you win!

Let me say that my good friend, Mike Greene, is a technical GENIUS. He saved my ass today … all I can say is, thank GOD for backups!!

So … on to the next step … editing and fine-tuning and making this grow!

I know what we’re gonna do today.

OK – yes, I’ll admit it. I love this show. Having three kids helps, but I suppose I’m easily amused enough to enjoy it on my own. With an envelope of Lick-Em-Aid or maybe a 10-cent box of Lemonheads, like when I was ten and would ride my bike to Paradise Pharmacy for baseball cards and candy.

Seriously, though, the kids in these cartoons are awesome, and would probably come up with some killer marketing campaigns. After all, these were the two that came up with “Perry the Inaction Figure” … better than Heinz Doofenschmertz’s “Antiozoninator” …

Yes, this is a slightly random post.

So, to get this a little more back on track, I am working on updating the Delta Leads website. It still needs content, but it’s coming together. We had a basic presence up before at but it’s in need of something with a little more OOMPH.

For all of you out there reading my blog (“Hi, sweetheart! Please remember to bring home milk.”) you can see this work-in-progress here, at … it will be my first time using jquery and extensive CSS. I also set up twitter and facebook accounts for Delta Leads and will be looking to expand with that.

Basically, I’m trying to harness my inner Phineas and Ferb.


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