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I remember the first weekend I went to college pretty clearly. The rest of college, not so much, but I do remember the welcoming address, where a popular English professor told us to “Measure twice … and cut once.”

I didn’t know at the time that this was a pretty well-known expression. It was new to me … and it sank in. There are lots of ways and cliches to say the same thing, but the gist of it still resonates with me. Plan. Prepare. Then accomplish.

I’ve been planning and practicing and learning and throwing tons of virtual spaghetti against the metaphorical wall to see what sticks, and I’ve been measuring a lot more than twice. So watch out … here come the scissors …

I’ll wrap this up with a couple of other quotes I remember from school (Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA, Class of 95, since I know you were wondering).

Mac MacLeary: “A journalist is like a fine chef … he’s only as good as his sauces.”

And finally, when someone in my class asked journalism professor Howard Seemann how long to write his article, the reply was this: “Write it as long as a skirt. Long enough to cover everything, short enough to keep it interesting.” Another standard answer to this question was “How long is a piece of string?” Howard was also the wonderful man who also told me it takes as much talent as thick skin to make it in the world. Rest in peace, Howard, you are well remembered.


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