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Aaaaaannnnddd …

When I set up Eric Anthony with his own blog a couple of weeks ago, it got me thinking … I have had this domain name for quite some time, but I haven’t done anything with it. For a while, I had a link to my facebook page, but … well, this seems like an interesting long-form thought-purger.

I expect this will be a place where I can make notes, observations, etc, about family, work and whatever else comes to mind.

At this point, I just wanted to get something on the page, since it was new and pretty empty. I’ll try to get this updated fairly regularly, but in the meantime, I can give a couple little updates …

I made some pretty nice project on a directory web site that Mike Greene and I have been working on. Pretty exciting. Also, I’ve been consolidating all of my domains … it’s pretty staggering to realize how many domain names I have. Some of them are pretty darn good, too … I’m wondering if I should try selling some of these. Might be an interesting blog piece by itself at some point.

It was pretty cool having snow this morning … the kids loved it! It was barely an inch, but it was enough to cover the ground and stick until noon. I heard it was the first time it had snowed in San Antonio in 25 years.

Emi is on call tonight. It sucks, but whatchagonnado. The kids are fast asleep, and I’ve had a pretty productive evening work-wise.

So with this inaugural blurb blurbed, I am about to wrap this up and call it a night.