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While driving the kids to school this morning (Spring Break is over – back to your regularly scheduled programs) I saw the first bluebonnets of the season!

As all Texans know, bluebonnets are the state flower, and only bloom in Texas.

What this means, basically, is that spring is officially here. I suppose I could have looked at the calendar to see that – today is March 21, after all … but there is something special about seeing the long stretches of these beautiful blue flowers along the sides of the long country roads.

In a couple of weeks when Emi is not on service (4-week periods of intensive work in the NICU – she has one more week on this stretch) we’ll take a drive down highway 37 toward Corpus Christi and spend a day with the kids among the wildflowers. There is a rest stop about an hour from here with a wide open meadow and a zillion flowers. That’s kinda like a dream for a narcissistic dad like me. And besides, what good is having the most beautiful children in the world (and a good camera) if you don’t take full advantage of the opportunities that mother nature provides?

OK, enough of this … I have a lot of work to get done. Working on expanding our mortgage traffic this week, along with getting home security leads moving stronger. We have a couple of sources for traffic, but need to get the buyers set up to receive them. We are doing limited Loan Mods and Debt Settlement leads as well, but mortgage is our main focus at this point.

Also, a huge thumbs-up to Mike Greene for getting the mobile MyDeltaLeads set up and sized for mobile viewing! AWESOME WORK, MIKE!