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This morning, looking out the window, I saw the tree starting to have little white flowers … a harbinger of spring, so to speak. And while the cold rain is still falling and we’re planning on going skiing again next week, it’s obvious that we are on the way out of winter.

So many things have been going on keeping us busy! Here is a brief update, in lieu of regular posts. But of course, those are found easily enough on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve signed up to assistant coach both Eric Anthony’s and Anya’s baseball and softball teams. William decided not to do tee-ball again this year … we’ll see if he wants to play next year. I get it … it can be a boring sport when you’re so little. He did great playing soccer, which was faster-paced and pretty simple. Run after the ball, don’t touch it with your hands, and get the ball into the net. They all played soccer this past season.

I am also now part of a local writers’ group – Magnolia Chapter One. We just put together a website (Thanks Raven!) and are meeting monthly, reviewing our writing projects and getting valuable feedback. I’ve been continuing to write my book, and have been loving the experience of researching the period in which it’s set. I’m also really lucky to have such a fantastic editor “in-house” so to speak. Emi has had great feedback, and is a huge help in getting the most out of the text.

Work has been going well for Emi, too … we are so glad we came to Seattle! She really likes the practice, and has been making lots of great relationships in the hospitals where she works. She just ran the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon, and has signed up for two more half marathons this year.

The kids are doing well. Eric Anthony and Anya have their first communion in May, and William will have his next year. They’ve all been doing Sunday School (lots of coloring pictures about what they see in church and hear about from Bible stories). I updated the website for Our Lady of Fatima parish, and have been talking with Father Phil about setting up a podcast for him to record and publish his homilies.

We’ve been taking advantage of living up here and have taken the kids skiing a few times this winter at Stevens Pass. We’ve all taken lessons, and the kids are already skiing the “blue runs” (intermediate level).

I’ve been doing a few contracting projects for work, which has been nice to continue as I’ve been writing. I put together and have been maintaining the website for Mortgage Compliance Magazine, and recently wrote an article featuring S.A. Ibrahim, the CEO of Radian. I’ve known S.A. since our days with GreenPoint, and it was nice to reconnect with him.

We’re excited that baseball is back, and have gone in on season tickets for the Mariners with some of Emi’s partners. Can’t wait to get back to the ballpark!

It’s also nice to have Emi’s parents living up here nearby. It’s so nice for the kids to be around their grandparents.

Other recent projects … I’ve done some other websites and design projects, including:

I’ve been helping my friends Tamura, Monica and Darnell from The Feminist Wire, and they’ve been doing a tremendous effort and getting great results on their website.

We’ve been continuing to work with the kids on music, and recently purchased two ukuleles … Eric Anthony has taken to it and has been making great advances. I walked by him practicing the other day and heard this great little picking pattern he came up with. Their new teacher is terrific, and thinks they’re ready to pick up the guitar again soon.

Let’s see, what else … I’ve been volunteering with a couple of local groups. I’m the registrar on the board for Magnolia Little League, and also doing communications on the board for the Catharine Blaine K-8 PTA, doing the weekly newsletter and email broadcasts.

So there we go! A quick update on life here in the beautiful pacific northwest. Long story short, we’re loving Seattle, and life is great. 🙂