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Excited about new Ben Folds Five album in the works.

Looks like Ben Folds Five is getting back together! This is big news to an old fan like me. I first heard BFF in 1996 on a college radio station while driving an hour every day to Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York. It was the same period that I started listening to Ani DiFranco … these new raw driving songwriters wrote part of my soundtrack for my time in western New York.

Anyway, as I follow Ben Folds on Twitter, many recent posts have been about (and promoted) the new project. I followed one of those tweets and it brought me to this video on YouTube posted by Ben Folds Five.

Basically this is a promotion to get people to And it worked … I pledged $10 and tweeted that #ImaDamVP … Vice President of Promotion, they’re calling it.

Here is a link to the terrific, driving new Ben Folds Five single, Do It Anyway

Anyway, in the video, if you pause at a couple of points, they’re sharing lyrics of what appear to be new songs … and if you were hoping for something that you could play with your kids in the car, you might be out of luck. One song is apparently titled “If You Can’t Draw a Crowd Draw Dicks on the Wall” …

The lyrics visible on the page were:

I ordered something

it took a while

This morning something

Finally arrived

What’s this I’m holding

Time capsule order

(something) … I’m a brand new man

(something) … don’t think I want it.

And there’s another glimpse of another song … is that called “Frank”? I can’t quite tell in the video. Includes an apparent date of 3-24-12.

So, without further ado … here is the text that appears in the video …

We Are

Ben Folds Five.

Darren Jessee, drums

Robert Sledge, bass

Ben Folds, piano

When we started in Chapel Hill, NC, in 1994, it was the heyday of grunge music.

It was all guitars and NO HARMONIES.

Many said we didn’t know what we were doing.

They were right.
And in 2012, we still don’t.

But we’re not alone now.
Because in 2012, NOBODY knows what they’re doing.

Except Steve Jobs and Amanda Palmer
(image of Jobs and Palmer shows, then image of Palmer grows larger and lingers)

Steve Jobs and Amanda Palmer

Steve Jobs and Amanda Palmer

… but I digress.

Ben Folds Five are completing our first album in 12 years.

And inviting you into the process.
Albums outlive all of us.

Like books. Or buildings.

of our de facto record label
We’ll immortalize you in the vinyl LP artwork or subsequent poster art.

And like any good label, we’ll find crap lying around to give away.
Come be a fly on the wall at our studio.

Create images. Make videos. Send the mour way and we’ll spread your creations. And send traffic back to your site for your artistic endeavors.

Stay tuned for pre-sale details of the new Ben Folds Five album.

Entitled …

… entitled …

Well, it’s not finished.


… Anyone else looking forward to the new Ben Folds Five album?


UPDATE: Just saw this post from Ben with more information on the process and songs …