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Haven’t forgotten the To-Do List …

I’m not talking about go shopping and pick up the dry cleaning. I have put together a couple of to-do lists … one for work, and one for personal.


  1. Expand verticals and grow traffic sources and buyers. Expanding into insurance and more … working on site specifically for all offers and deals.
  2. Continue to work on affiliate offerings for products through ShareASale, CJ, Amazon, Google, other … also want to utilize development to take advantage of companies’ datafeeds and APIs.
  3. BLOG EVERY DAY. Whether on this site, Delta Leads,, or affiliate sites. CONTENT IS KING. It takes writing the original pieces to get traffic to the sites. This also includes optimizing the images.
  4. Take advantage of Social Media. Facebook and Twitter, sure, but I also am going to lump in live broadcast and video. I did my first live broadcast the other night (for State of the Campaign) and had fun with it … just time to expand and really establish a presence.
  5. From a geeky perspective, I need to learn more devel0pment and grow my CSS skillset. Mike Greene has been a huge help in guiding my programming, which has been a lot of fun. Website design is great, but getting the site to perform functions and interact with the user is what really sets a site apart. I also want to learn more about Thesis (the WordPress theme I am using) and try to implement the new tech skills.


  1. Work with the kids on all activities … sports, school, home, all of that. They’re doing great – I just need to make sure I’m doing everything I can to make sure they stay happy and on the right track. Eric Anthony is now doing soccer and is enjoying third grade (he’s liking it more than second grade, I’m happy to report); Anya is still ice skating and is the little queen of her kindergarten class; and William just started ice skating as well, and is still doing TOTS basketball through his preschool. He’ll start kinder next year.
  2. Help Emi however I can with her work, and with her job search for when she finished her fellowship. She completes her NICU fellowship in June 2012, at which point she will be an”Attending” physician in the NICU. She’s currently looking at opportunities around the country, and I’m helping however I can with that. There are lots of opportunities out there, and we’re just going through the process! It’ll be interesting … we’ll have to pack, sell the house, find a new one in whichever city we end up in, and then move … it’ll be a bit of a whirlwind, but it should be fun and exciting. The kids are excited about it too, since we’ve promised them each their own room (and a little bribe) when we get wherever we go. Eric Anthony wants a pet, and is leaning toward a lizard (a green anole to be exact … I had a couple of those when I was a kid, too!) … Anya wants a goldfish or a beta fish … and William wants a dragon. We’ll have to work with William to find a more appropriate treat.
  3. Get back on fitness regimen … I’ve fluctuated a little bit with my weight, and I want to stay on top of that. The main thing is making sure I don’t eat between meals and then to consider portion control. Plus, little things like limiting beer consumption and switching from sugar to splenda in my coffee helps. 
  4. Stay on top of housework! Working from home is great, but it also gives me the opportunity to do more things around the house. Maintenance things mostly, but also I’ll need to do a lot of little tinkering things to help prepare the house for sale early next year. I have about five months or so before we’ll start the sale process, and there’s lots to do. Especially since this awful drought, our yard – both front and back – is no longer the lush green it’s been in the past. I’ll need to touch up places around the house with paint … and I’m sure I’ll find other things.
  5. Finally, sticking to the budget … especially with the move looming, we need to stay on top of this. We’ve done pretty well not spending out of our means, which is good, but coming up on a time when we’ll have to pack up and move God-knows-where, needing how much for a new down payment on a home … every penny counts.