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Twice a week, each of my kids have their own special “talk” time. Tonight was Anya’s talk, and we watched some old Schoolhouse Rock videos on YouTube. Despite the older production quality, she was fascinated by “Verbs”, the 70s funk learner. Then we watched a Honky Tonk stomper called “Nouns” … which not surprisingly taught us that a noun is a person, place or thing.

Before closing the iPad so we could talk about her day, she pointed out one other video she wanted to see – one of my favorites from when I was a little kid, “I’m Just a Bill.”

We watched it, and when it was over, I asked her if she’d learned anything. She said she did.

“Will I be learning about nouns and verbs when I’m in first grade?” she asked. We have three more weeks of Kindergarten.

“I’m sure you will,” I replied. And I asked her about the Bill video. “Did you learn anything from that?”

She told me she was a little confused by it, so I explained that each part of the country – each state – has congressmen and congresswomen that go to Washington, DC, to try to tell the rest of the country what the people in their area want. So if there is a problem and there needs to be a law, then the leaders – called politicians – can talk about it and make a change. I used an example of the cafeteria lunches at her school. She sometimes tells us that she’s glad she brings her own lunch, because there aren’t always “healthy things” that her classmates eat. “Like the corn dogs. And pizzas.” She did say that she sometimes wants to eat a cafeteria lunch so she can have the yogurt and salads. My sweet girl. 🙂

Anyway, I asked her if there were any things she wanted to write to her congressman about. And of course, after we had just talked about it as an example, she wanted to write a letter about the food in her school. I am not writing this as an attack on our school’s cafeteria or anything like that – every time we’ve visited for a lunch or parent breakfast, everything has seemed very nice, with healthy options. But we had our topic!

The conversation led to how First Lady Michelle Obama is very interested in helping people lead healthier lives. Anya loved hearing about how Mrs. Obama has a garden on the grounds of the White House.

“Can I write the letter now??”Anya Souza-Ponce, Healthy Lunches Letter, Letter to First Lady, Lette rto Michelle ObamaAnya Souza-Ponce, Healthy Lunches Letter, Letter to First Lady, Letter to Michelle Obama

Of course, love.

So armed with a fresh sheet of paper, Anya wrote this letter to the First Lady. I only helped her on the spelling of “grade” and “healthier”.

I’ll send the letter in the mail tomorrow to Mrs. Obama.

 Here is the text:

Dear Mrs. Obama

I am Anya and in grade K. I live in San Antonio. Daddy told me that you have a gaden (garden) and I think that school lunches shold (should) be healthier.

from Anya

 Schoolhouse Rock – A Noun is a Person Place or Thing

Schoolhouse Rock, “Verbs”