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My Password Battle with Digital Hijackers

I had a bit of a panic this weekend when my Gmail and two other email addresses compromised for about 12 hours. Facebook too. Doesn’t appear to be data lost – only a strange domain transfer request for GoDaddy in my Gmail.

As my friend Devanie Angel suggested, I double verified my Google account, and that protected me from further intrusion attempts (from someone in Caracas, Venezuela, apparently, according to Facebook). However my Bluehost email accounts were hacked again. So I changed the passwords again, to something scoring 100% on their password strength scale, and haven’t been hacked since.

I have run MalWare Bytes, SpyBot and Trend Micro HouseCall. I ran a Full System Scan in Norton (around 6 million files). There were 66 tracking cookies set, but no Trojan Horses or anything else. Other computers in my home network are clean too.

Maybe taken from cell phone? Emails and Facebook passwords have been entered there … AT&T says nope.

So … we’ll see! I certainly hope this fight is over, in any case.