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Slacking. Well, not really, but here anyway …

I just realized I haven’t posted here for a long time! Here is a brief update on what’s been happening with me over the past few months …

  • I won the election for president.
  • I won Powerball.
  • I defeated the Taliban.
  • I won America’s Next Top Chef
  • I achieved Nirvana

OK, not exactly. But here’s a little update …

  • Eric Anthony and William are playing baseball! I am coaching Eric Anthony’s team (The Discovery Wellness Sluggers – a great little team of 8- and 9-year-olds) and I’m assistant coaching William’s KOM Consulting Green Machine tee-ball team.
  • Eric Anthony has been growing by leaps and bounds. Last night he tried his hand at catching!gunnar-EA
  • I kept up my quest to lose 15 pounds. I’m stuck at 10. But hey, it’s better than sitting around and eating Snickers.
  • I’m getting ready to go fishing on Thursday for trout at American Lake near Tacoma. I love Springtime!
  • My writing continues …
  • Emi has been having a lot of fun organizing and using our new Silhouette Cameo cutter and color printer. We’ve been labeling everything. Seriously, everything. My keyboard is now labeled. I’m surprised she hasn’t labeled my pants yet. (I hope she doesn’t read this and get the idea.)
  • We went in with Emi’s work group on Mariners season tickets … looking forward to opening day!
  • I’ve been working on a new affiliate site and have been getting some decent organic traffic.
  • Eric Anthony, Anya and William participated in their school’s Variety Show, and did a fantastic speed-reading version of John “Mighty Mouth” Moschitta’s Robin Hood. It was a riot!
  • Anya’s dance recital is coming soon … she’s been doing ballet and tap. My little beauty. 🙂
  • Anya and Eric Anthony are both taking weekly guitar lessons. The latest song … El Condor Pasa. Their instructor, James, is terrific!

More soon!


OK, Anya just read the post. She came up to me and taped this to my leg. So yes, now my pants are labeled, too.

Eric Souza Pants