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The End of Summer Already?

It has been a whirlwind summer! Since I haven’t written any posts for a while, I suppose I should do a brief recap of the past couple of months …

At the end of June, we packed up and said goodbye to the great city of San Antonio, and headed west. We took our time and stopped at Disneyland and in the Bay Area, as well as in Arcata, CA, where I went to college. Then we drove up to Seattle, where we moved into a beautiful home in the Magnolia neighborhood.

Emi started her new job as a neonatologist with Pediatrix Medical Group, and has been loving her new practice.We had sold her old Minivan in San Antonio, and bought her a new red Prius. A great little car!

It’s been a beautiful couple of months, and we’ve explored a lot of the Seattle metro area. What a difference, being able to spend summer days outside. San Antonio has a lot of great things, but the kids have never known a mild summer.

I think we’ve visited every park in Seattle! The kids have all caught their first fish (big fat rainbow trout – Eric Anthony caught three, Anya hooked two and William got one) and I’ve pulled in four big King salmon doing some combat fishing on the Skokomish River. We’ve seen old friends, made new friends and have been enjoying a more social life than we’ve had in years!

We’ve been to Mariners games, waterfalls, lavender fields and the mountains. We’ve seen bald eagles, ospreys, harbor seals and otters. We’ve made pies from the raspberries and rhubarb in our garden. And almost every night, we’ve sat on our balcony overlooking the Puget Sound, often enjoying the sun set over the olympic mountains to the west.

Eric Anthony finished reading the Harry Potter series last week, and is eager to start the fourth grade. He misses his friends in San Antonio, and is looking forward to making new ones here. Anya has been reading a lot as well, and is planning her 7th birthday party – an “Alice in Wonderland” theme – in October at the Seattle Children’s Museum. She’s ready for first grade. And William is about to start Kindergarten! He turned five in July, and is as energetic and happy as ever. That kid will have no problems if he keeps this mix of positivity and courageousness throughout life.

Tito and Tita were able to visit last month, and Tita will be coming out again this weekend for a week. We’ll all be going to Philadelphia in late November for Tio Charlie’s wedding – very exciting for him and Maria Victoria! The kids keep saying “We can’t wait until December 1.” We can’t either!

More to follow, but I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t just leave this completely blank. I should be a little more free to post once the kids are back in school and schedules will become a little more established.