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What an Empire!

I remember when I was little, playing Star Wars with Adam Hokensen … he lived a couple of doors down from us, and had this awesome garbage scow that would crush the action figures with little blue pieces of styrofoam. I can’t imagine what that would be worth today on eBay, but I do know this … here we are, 30 years later, and my kids are as obsessed with Star Wars as I ever was. More, probably because they have been inundated by Media on Demand. They have the DVDs, toys, Clone Wars lunchboxes, Clone Wars TV seasons one and two, and of course, the Lego Star Wars. And the books! The Visual Dictionary.

All I can say is … way to go, George Lucas. You’re a Jedi Master of Marketing. You’ve created characters and built a universe which, despite being often silly and eye-rollable to my adult perspective, still entrances young minds. You present idealist themes and appeal to the sense of Good versus Bad. And you do it making strange aliens, droids and things with cool names like R2-D2, X-Wing Fighters and Jar Jar Binks. Oh, and the Death Star. I remember back in the late 70s, watching the original Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back. But even more than that, I remember the Arcade game over in Paradise Shopping Center in Corte Madera. My friend Adam and I would ride bikes or walk there and plug in the quarters. And that is still happening today, but only instead of quarters, parents raised on the original series are plopping down $15 and $20 at a time to buy their kids the Lego sets and action figures that we wish we had when we were kids. Who knows, in 15-20 years, we might have the final three movies come out in the planned nine-part series. Why not? If it continues to generate as much money as it has been, it would be foolish to think that the Force wouldn’t live on.