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Avoid snacking, reject “guilt” and use old photos as motivators

It’s been raining pretty hard lately. Emi’s been on call two of the past three days, and it’s been hard to be motivated to do anything except have “lazy days” as the kids are home for Thanksgiving week.Anya helping Emi make the cranberries for Thanksgiving

This morning I took the kids to the Seattle Aquarium, and we had a great time there, but other than that (and a few errands run), we’ve hung out around the house.

It’s days like these that can be difficult for me in my challenge to lose 15 pounds before the end of the year. I’ve had to resist temptation more than normal. I know I don’t really need to eat, but I am regularly finding myself thinking about food more than normal. So I usually grab an apple or some baby carrots to munch on and tide me over until mealtime, but today was more difficult than it should have been.

Tonight I went back on Facebook and looked through old photos. We all have pictures of ourselves that we don’t like too much for one reason or another, but I intentionally looked back at pictures of me when I was heavier, and then at ones when I was more fit … just to remind myself that I look happier, healthier and better when I’m not as heavy.

I don’t want to lose momentum. I’m nearly two weeks into my challenge, and I want to continue moving in the right direction. We’re having our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday (since Emi will be on call Thursday we just moved it up a day … have to be flexible with dates in our family) and I will need to watch my consumption from that meal and after.

So I’ve allowed myself a couple of “treat” luxuries. A couple of nights ago, I had a small cup of Emi’s homemade “rompope” (like a spiked Mexican eggnog). This afternoon I made the kids a hot chocolate, and I had one too. And now I’m thinking about it, wondering if it was worth it for me to feel guilty. Then I feel weak … not only for having it, but for feeling guilty afterward. Hell, if I’m going to indulge, I should enjoy it, or what’s the point?

Anyway! We’ll see how things are progressing. We have a pretty full week ahead with parent-teacher conferences, holiday portraits, and of course, Thanksgiving.