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Affiliate Summit West Plans Part Deux

Here is my second post about my plans for Affiliate Summit West

Monday, January 9

This day will start at midnight at Goldcoast Lanes for the “Strike Out Breast Cancer Bowling” event. This is a fundraising event, and is sure to be a good time! For a $25 donation to Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, bowlers will get a t-shirt as well as a chance to win some swag from and other GTO Management clients. Register at This goes until 3 am, and since the Early Bird Whiteboarding starts at 8 am, there will be little chance for sleep. No rest for the wicked.

Like I mentioned previously, the early morning whiteboarding sessions are well worth the sleep deprivation. Along with Eric Nagel’s advice, it’s a great chance to be around some of the top minds in affiliate marketing. I hesitate to even blog this, because part of what makes it great is the relatively small group setting and chance to interact and brainstorm. But at the ASE11 summit, this was one of my favorite events. This will go until 9am, at which point I’ll grab some breakfast (or as my kids call it, “breckity-breck”).

Since the opening remarks and keynote don’t begin until 10, I’ll have a little time to head to the blogger’s lounge and catch up a little on my notes / blogging. And of course, it’ll also be an opportunity to catch up with friends from previous summits, including Heather Smith, the “BlogMistress” who acts as liaison between Affiliate Summit and the press and bloggers attending the show.

I am definitely looking forward to the keynote from Jon Spoelstra. This man is a legend … once, as General Manager and Senior VP for the Portland Trail Blazers NBA team, he arranged a trade with the Pacers for a point guard. The compensation to the Pacers was one week of Spoelstra’s time, during which he helped restructure the Indiana front office. He’s written five books, including Marketing Outrageously Redux: How to Increase Your Revenue by Staggering Amounts, which features a glowing forward by World Champion Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (who just happens to be one of the richest and sharpest men in the world).

Some people skip the keynotes … that would be a MISTAKE. If you’re paying the money to attend these summits, it’s because you want to learn how to improve what you’re doing … making connections and having fun and partying is great, but take advantage of the learning opportunities, and this is one not to miss!

The first session of the morning I will attend is at 11:30 am … Mastermind Groups Exposed: Success in Affiliate Marketing will be moderated by Eric Nagel (President, Eric Nagel & Associates, Inc. – on Twitter @ericnagel), Todd Farmer (CEO, PerformStreet Media Twitter @toddfarmer) and Tricia Meyer (Owner, Sunshine Rewards – on Twitter @sunshinetricia).

Next up … lunch, and maybe a quick nap. But I’ll have to be ready by 2 pm for “Stop Doing it Wrong.” How could I skip this? Besides, it is being led by some of my favorite folks … Moderator Kim Salvino (Head of Publishers, US – on Twitter @kim_salvino), the awesome Liz Gazer (CEO/Consultant, Growthspurt Media – Twitter @lizgazer), fellow 49er fan Erik Hom, Sr. (Director, Business Development, Nextag – on Twitter @Route53), and one of the top Erics at Affiliate Summit and all-around great guy, Eric Schwarzer (President, Allspun – on Twitter @schwarzer). This will discuss why it pays more to sell with INTEGRITY … a concept sorely missing in the industry.

At 3:30, there will be another panel I plan to check out. Called 12 Out of the Box Affiliate Promotions, this looks good …with moderator Lindsey Savoie (Merchant Development Manager,, Jamie Reardon (Digital Marketing, LifeLock), Jared Saunders (Affiliate Program Manager, Jenson USA – on Twitter @TurboJared) and Affiliate Summit co-founder Missy Ward (on Twitter @missyward), this looks good.

From 6 to 7 pm, I will meet the SeaWorld’s Animal Ambassadors … I’m a sucker for cute animals, and for photo ops. Besides, I have to send my wife and kids some photos of me, where I am not holding alcoholic beverages or on the floor of some club. Or both. 🙂

I haven’t made any dinner plans yet, nor am I sure which nighttime event I will check out, though there will definitely be no lack of opportunities. I figure I will probably be a little low-key, and will hit Affiliate Karaoke from 9-midnight in Neopolitan III-IV. Bring your best, though realize that the newer smart phones have HD video cameras, and who knows what might end up on YouTube.

Tuesday morning brings another round of Early Morning Whiteboarding with Eric Nagel at 8 am, and at 10 am, the Pinnacle Awards and Keynote with Eric (ET The Hip Hop Preacher) Thomas, the author of The Secret to Success (on Twitter @Ericthomasbtc) I am not sure which panels I might attend Tuesday … I might hang out and network a little, and will probably spend a little time blogging in the lounge.

More to come as plans are updated …

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