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Challenging myself!

OK, trying to do new things today … using WordPress as a CMS (content management system) for a website I am working on for refi lead generation. I want to be able to use WordPress plugin functionality on the site while maintaining the creative control … this means creating new WordPress templates. I haven’t done this before, but I think I have a pretty good grasp … rolling up the sleeves.

I’m feeling ambitious about this project! Taking it to the next level with the widget-style data, and preparing a private label eBook on tips to getting the best mortgage deals as a download incentive for email submit.

IN OTHER NEWS! Just purchased airfare and booked hotel for ASW12. So I’ll be heading to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in early January for Affiliate Summit.

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In other news … I’m using too many links in my blog posts. Damn this content recognition tool, Zemanta. I suppose I don’t have to use it if I decide not to, but it’s so damn easy.

So – I will keep you guys up to date on the new refinance project. Here is an early draft of a widget form that Mike Greene and I put together. … the next one will be better …

 Also, if people want to check out a forum on affiliate marketing and learn lots of the tips and techniques used to market online, check out Warrior Forum. Very educational – sign up and just read to learn how things are getting done.

 I’ll probably just update this post later as I am making progress …


OK, progress report …

Just visited the PLR Store online and now have a wealth of content to arrange a private-labeled mortgage-related eBook as the free download with email newsletter sign-up.

WordPress coming along too … just needing to finish the template frame in php and then will do the backend stuff.

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