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Excited to be promoting new companies

For work, I’ve been doing internet marketing, focusing primarily on “CPA” (Cost Per Action) marketing. This means every time someone fills out a form on one of my websites, I get paid. It’s also called “CPL” – cost per lead. I do this through my company, Delta Leads.

There is another direction I’ve been working on for Internet marketing … this is “CPS” – Cost Per Sale. This is when you lead site visitors to merchant sites, and I would earn a commission from any purchases made on merchant sites that I have directed the visitors to.

Many of these merchants are organized through a company called ShareASale, based out of Chicago. The merchants stretch all across the board in practically every consumer group imaginable. Through ShareASale, you tell the merchant you want to try to advertise for them, and they either accept you or not.

A year or so ago, I set up a site with Mike Greene called … the issue I had was getting all datafeeds (spreadsheets of products, descriptions, costs, images, links, etc, set up by different merchants) to have common field sections, so I could display easily groups of products from a variety of merchants. I followed the blog posts of Eric Nagel, whom I greatly respect, and learned a lot about how to integrate the datafeed into your site. I also got a lot of help from ShareASale’s Jason Rubacky, who spent hours with me explaining how he does things, and helping brainstorm ways to make it work.

While at ShareASale’s annual ThinkTank conference in Austin, TX, I met with many merchants, and was approved with companies I’ve been interested in working with for quite some time.

One of these companies, Tea Collection, is the provider of kids clothes that my wife and I have been buying for years. Another company, The Land of Nod, is something I will be working with as well.

There are many ways to promote their products, but a popular way is to create a site with WordPress (like this site is a WordPress site, using the Thesis theme). I’m updating the site to manly promote the Tea Collection products, as well as having a section for sports apparel from my friend Wade Tonkin’s Fanatics site.

WyzAnt Tutoring, which is basically a well-organized and personalized classifieds for tutors, offers challenges in taking advantage of a large pool of member data (tutor information) and matching that with potential students needing services based on class, grade level and location.

So, that’s the plan for now … I am still pushing the heck out of Delta Leads and trying new recipes to keep things fresh and moving forward. But it’s a great time and a fun challenge to try to utilize everything I’ve learned to this point to get organic traffic to a site and to get them to convert … en masse.



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  • Brian Ackerly says:

    You got Tea Collection! Awesome! Congratulations! And kudos for the others as well! Sounds like you had an incredibly successful trip. Good for you, you deserve the best!

  • Eric says:

    Thanks Brian! I’m definitely excited to be working with them! It was a great trip – thanks!

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