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Give a Damn About Your Presentation

Use whatever cliché you’d like. “You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover” … “You Are What You Wear” … “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” …

Mid-80s hair band-references aside, there’s a reason those quotes have been as used as they have. People will judge you by your personal presentation.

Personal presentation (have I shaved today?) and professional presentation (are the icons on my page loading correctly?) both help me determine how I want people to see me and to interact with me.

This new website is a start. I haven’t used it much since we’ve moved to Seattle, but it needed an update, since I’m selling my services for developing websites. My old site was 6-years-old, orange, sliced-image-heavy HTML . I’ve learned a few things, and I’d be doing myself a disservice not to show my best face. Put my best foot forward. And shake it all about. (Yes, you also get occasional children-song-references.)

Plus, I got some new cords and winter shirts, and I’m shaving pretty regularly. So there’s that.

In any case, I understand the importance of a professional presentation. Of how it can help get you better results. Of how being nice and clear in your messaging is better than scolding your dogs. Unless of course your associates are dogs, in which case, scold away.

A song has been running through my head … here’s a little Joan Jett to close out this post.