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If Phineas and Ferb did marketing

I know what we’re gonna do today.

OK – yes, I’ll admit it. I love this show. Having three kids helps, but I suppose I’m easily amused enough to enjoy it on my own. With an envelope of Lick-Em-Aid or maybe a 10-cent box of Lemonheads, like when I was ten and would ride my bike to Paradise Pharmacy for baseball cards and candy.

Seriously, though, the kids in these cartoons are awesome, and would probably come up with some killer marketing campaigns. After all, these were the two that came up with “Perry the Inaction Figure” … better than Heinz Doofenschmertz’s “Antiozoninator” …

Yes, this is a slightly random post.

So, to get this a little more back on track, I am working on updating the Delta Leads website. It still needs content, but it’s coming together. We had a basic presence up before at but it’s in need of something with a little more OOMPH.

For all of you out there reading my blog (“Hi, sweetheart! Please remember to bring home milk.”) you can see this work-in-progress here, at … it will be my first time using jquery and extensive CSS. I also set up twitter and facebook accounts for Delta Leads and will be looking to expand with that.

Basically, I’m trying to harness my inner Phineas and Ferb.